Presidential Scholars Program

Academic Support and Advising

The Presidential Scholar Program (PSP) attracts high-achieving and creative students to Brown. The program provides a foundation for scholars to expand their intellectual curiosity through research innovation, academic mentorship, leadership development, community engagement, social experiences, and university resources.

PSP faculty and staff are committed to promoting a community that fosters opportunities that support scholars' academic, personal and professional goals. Throughout their undergraduate careers, Presidential Scholars will engage in various activities that include individual and group advising sessions, scholarly research talks, study sessions, academic, wellness workshops and access to other programs and university resources pertinent to their success. 

Brown University Academic Resources


The Presidential Scholars Program connects students with faculty, postdoctoral, graduate and peer mentors. The goal of the mentorship model is to enrich and support the academic, professional and personal experiences of scholars by cultivating a culture of support and community.

Mentoring activities may include:

  • Discussing research interests/preferences, and placements.
  • Providing professional development activities such as career/educational counseling.
  • Providing guidance on how to collaborate effectively with researchers

When I arrived at Brown, I was having difficulty deciding on an academic path. The Presidential Scholars Symposium offered lectures from brilliant professors from around the country. One of these visiting speakers, a glaciologist from the University of Alaska, inspired me to pursue studies in geology-biology and a future career in environmental science. During my summer research, I performed geophysics research at the University of Chicago. The professor I worked with specializes in atmospheric science and climate science.

Tamara Rudic '21 Presidential Scholar

Through our weekly STEM study sessions, I attained incredible insight from postdoctoral and graduate student mentors. I appreciate the support I’ve been given by my PSP peers and look forward to passing on what I’ve learned to other incoming students.

Lucas Sanchez '21 Presidential Scholar