Presidential Scholars Program



  • Ronald Aubert

    Ronald Aubert

    Presidential Scholars Program Faculty Co-Director, Senior Associate Dean for Education and Student Services, CSREA Professor of the Practice of Race and Ethnicity

    I entered college, thinking I would someday go to law school and maybe do criminal law or something in the social justice arena. During my sophomore year, I took a biology class that was taught by who I would describe as a master teacher. I was immediately inspired to change my focus to science without any idea of what I would do with a degree in biology. I eventually assumed I would go to medical school like the other science student friends of mine but first pursued a Master’s degree in Public Health. While taking my first class in epidemiology, I was totally blown away by the idea of addressing the health needs of a community or population rather than an individual patient. That was my transformative moment that led me to abandon my medical school aspirations and pursue a Ph.D. in Epidemiology.

    I went on to work at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, initially as an Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officer and later as Chief of Epidemiology within the Division of Diabetes Translation. I subsequently left the CDC because I wanted to focus more on issues related to healthcare financing and delivery, so I joined a newly formed Outcomes Research team within a health plan. I spent the next phase of my career leading health economics and outcomes research teams and mentoring Interns and Fellows at managed care and pharmaceutical companies.

    I remain interested in initiatives to transform healthcare and mentoring emerging talent. Despite not having clarity of what I was going to do when I switched to science, I discovered a professional area that I had never heard of or knew anyone doing it. I love what I do and get excited when students or others decide to take a path not previously considered. 

    Outside of work, I enjoy photography and include a close cohort of documentary photographers, photo editors and journalists in my circle of friends. I am constantly trying to learn more and grow in my photography knowledge through workshops, reading, volunteering and projects.

  • Johnny Guzman

    Johnny Guzman

    Professor of Applied Mathematics

    Johnny Guzman earned his B.S. degree in mathematics from California State University-Long Beach. He earned his PhD in applied math from Cornell University. He was an NSF postdoc at the University of Minnesota before joining Brown University in 2008. His research interest is in the area of numerical approximations to partial differential equations (PDEs). He works on devising and analyzing numerical methods for various PDEs that arise in different applications. 

  • Mark A. Johnson

    Mark Johnson

    Associate Professor of Biology

     I’m a molecular geneticist who studies the process of reproduction in flowering plants. My laboratory is in Sidney Frank Hall and the primary model system we use is Arabidopsis thaliana; more recently we’ve begun to use Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) to understand how heat stress affects fertility. I love helping students become scientists and direct the MCB Graduate Program. and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute-funded program. that seeks to provide opportunities for Brown undergraduates to engage in research. I also help to advise Brown’s chapter of SACNAS, a national organization that promotes research careers of people who have traditionally been excluded from US science. I was fortunate to go to a public high school in the Philadelphia suburbs where I did research projects as part of my biology courses, I studied biology at Wake Forest University (I currently collaborate with my molecular biology professor), I worked for a year in the pharmaceutical industry, I did my PhD at the Michigan State University-Department of Energy Plant Research Laboratory, I did a postdoctoral fellowship at The University of Chicago (started studying pollen tube growth and guidance), I started my faculty position at Brown in 2004. I’ve been very fortunate to have generous science teachers and mentors along the way.

  • Revanna Navarro

    Revanna Navarro

    PSP Fellow

    Fun fact: I worked in animal rescue with rabbits and cats when I was younger.

    Revanna Navarro is a recent Brown graduate and Presidential Scholars Alumna. During her time at Brown she took advantage of the open curriculum to explore the humanities and sciences before majoring in Biology. The PSP program supported her in research throughout her years at Brown, including a summer internship at USC Keck Medical School and 3 years in the Diane Hoffman-Kim lab at Brown, where she completed an honors thesis focused on morphologically modeling toxicant exposure in novel 3D mini-brain models. She currently serves as the PSP fellow while preparing for medical school applications.


  • Wendy Sheridan

    Wendy Sheridan

    Academic Advising Program Manager

    As Academic Program Manager and Student Records Specialist, Wendy supports a number of key programs and initiatives within the College, including the Presidential Scholars Program, Sidney E. Frank Scholars Program, and Team Enhanced Advising & Mentoring (TEAM). In addition, Wendy provides support for the Midyear Completion Celebration and Commencement speaker selection committee, and also serves as the office's primary point of contact around student records requests. Wendy received her B.A. from Rhode Island College in Journalism, and has been a Brown staff member for thirty years -- all of which have been in the College. Prior to her arrival at Brown, she worked as a music journalist and feature writer.

    In addition to her work on the College's Operations and Support Team, Wendy serves as an advisor to Brown Club Figure Skating's intercollegiate competitive team and club, and is also the current National Vice Chair of Event Manager for the U.S. Figure Skating Association. Wendy is also a professional announcer, voiceover artist, and narrator; she has served as an announcer for several international figure skating competitions as well as Brown's Midyear Completion Celebration, and has narrated more than 20 SciToons videos over the past decade. 

  • Laura Snyder

    Laura Snyder

    Lecturer in Education

    Laura Snyder is a Senior Lecturer in Education and the lead English Education faculty member in the Master of Arts in Teaching Program. Laura's research focus is in humanities curriculum development. Her work on the Humanities Reimagined Project seeks to intentionally diversify the voices and stories in the high school literature curriculum by creating open source educational materials that feature contemporary literature and primary sources.

  • Andre C. Willis

    Andre Willis

    Associate Professor of Religious Studies

    Andre C. Willis is an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Brown University. He is a philosopher of religion whose work focuses on Enlightenment reflections on religion, African American religious thought, critical theory, and democratic citizenship as it relates to ‘religious’ notions of hope, recognition, and belonging. Willis earned a B.A. at Yale in philosophy and his M.A. and Ph. D. at Harvard in the Committee on the Study of Religion. He is the author of Towards a Humean True Religion (2015) and is currently working on a manuscript about African American religion and politics tentatively titled "Afro-theisms and Post-democracy". He has published articles in international journals such as Hume Studies, The Journal of Scottish Philosophy, Political Theology, Critical Philosophy of Race, and Radical America. At Brown he serves as the Director of the Program on Race and Resilience and Co-Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Oversight Board

Third and Fourth Year Scholars


  • Anderson Addo

    Anderson Addo

    Research Interests Computer Science
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: I was once attacked by a buffalo in Kenya!

    I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. I spent half of my life there and the other in Ghana. My intended concentration is Computer Science because it’s really fun and rewarding to create usable and complex products (like video games) from scratch. I also plan to explore entrepreneurship a bit because creation and self-actualization are pillars in my philosophy of life! I’m excited about PSP because I think it’ll be a blast to meet new people and be exposed to great research opportunities and experiences. A few random things I like are chess, cartoons and exploring.

  • Cuauhtemoc Arizpe

    Cuauhtemoc Arizpe

    Research Interests Public Policy
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: I have been collecting classic rock records since 3rd grade!

    Hi y'all, my name is Cuauhtemoc Arizpe ('23). I was born and raised in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas. At Brown I hope to study Public Policy and Math. I am really interested in the mechanics of policy making and the impact of legislation on common people. In my free time, I love to draw, watch comedies, and listen to classic rock. I am constantly grateful for the Presidential Scholars Program for affording me with opportunities and a welcoming community.

  • Bryan Bermeo

    Bryan Bermeo

    Research Interests Economics
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: Michelle Obama went to my high school!

    Hello! I am a First-Generation Questbridge and HSF Scholar currently enrolled at Brown University. I will be an economics concentrator and look forward to exploring the education department further. I grew up on the southwest side of Chicago with immigrant parents and like most youth with similar backgrounds, the ability to problem solve from a young age is a necessity. PSP has allowed me to investigate the issues affecting my community alongside passionate professors.

    I assisted Professor Margaret Weir of Political Science by creating thorough timeline breakdowns of current events in Chicago relating to spatial inequality in metropolitan areas for Professor Weir’s upcoming publication. I investigated hospital and mall closures, community displacement, and affordable housing policy effects. I learned that the spatial orientation of Chicago is very intentional, and has very intentional effects - for good and bad.

  • Kenneth Blakey

    Kenneth Blakey

    Research Interests Mathematics
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: I spend more money than I should on tattoos.   

    My name is Kenneth Blakey, and I grew up in Florida.  I'm concentrating in mathematics and am specifically interested in Riemannian geometry (the study of smooth manifolds endowed with a Riemannian metric). I initially became interested in Riemannian geometry, and more generally smooth manifold theory, because the word tensor was cool and had a super cool symbol. But after working with it for a while, I love its deep theorems and generalized results. When I'm not studying math I'm either: reading books, playing games on my PC, or working on a car I have (for those interested, a manual 2017 Veloster Turbo R-spec).

  • Solomon Boukman

    Solomon Boukman

    Research Interests Computer Engineering
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: I enjoy watching anime because I believe it portrays human emotions the best.

    My name is Solomon Boukman, I was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, but I mostly grew up in Haddon Township, New Jersey. I intend to concentrate in physics because it can significantly change our world for the better. I am excited to be a part of PSP because I now have the opportunity to reach different people and see how they view the world. My favorite aspect of PSP is the research. It’s a great honor to work with brilliant professors at Brown. Some hobbies of mine include playing sports, video games, and exploring new places. 

  • Shaunjaney Bryan

    Shaunjaney Bryan

    Research Interests Psychology, Africana Studies
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: I love runny eggs.

    I was born and raised in the Bronx and am a current sophomore. I'm concentrating in Psychology & Africana Studies. Both fields nicely overlap with my interest in all clinical and holistic forms of healing for Black women. I'm excited to be part of PSP because it's interesting hearing and learning about what my peers are studying, and the lounge is amazing. Recently, I've been growing vegetables indoors, and it has been very restorative.

  • Kaitlan Bui

    Kaitlan Bui

    Research Interests The relationship between Property, Literature, Culture, & Law​
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: I once had the same dream as my cousin on the same night.

    Hello! My name is Kaitlan Bui, and I was born and raised in Southern California. I plan to major in English-- words have been my home ever since I was very young. In elementary school, I'd sometimes stay inside during recess to write stories. I also remember writing my first poem on a large piece of cardboard. While I do have a collection of poems that I'm still expanding, I hope to publish a novel someday. Besides school and books, I enjoy photography, hiking, and art. I'm extremely excited to start my journey at Brown with the Presidential Scholars Program. I can't wait to meet new friends and learn from my mentors and peers. I've always enjoyed learning, and I'm eager to approach it deeply and differently through research. 

  • Liam Carpenter-Urquhart

    Liam Carpenter-Urquhart

    Research Interests Futures Studies and Sustainability
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: I really love collaborative storytelling games. Yes, like D&D.

    Liam graduated in 2019 with a dual A.B. in Physics and Literary Arts. He received Honors in Creative Writing for his thesis project, Tinnitus and Other Apologies, a study of memory and loss through poetry and speculative fiction. Liam's motivation to balance art and science informed all of his work at Brown, where he wrote poetry for the Organism for Poetic Research, edited pieces for the Catalyst Journal, and took on research projects in ocean modelling and special relativity. In Autumn 2021, he began his master's in sustainability science at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, where he researches the potential for imagined futures to create opportunities for change.

  • Caruso

    Victoria Caruso

    Research Interests Psychology & Public Policy: Psychological science to inform government policy research
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: I once met James Watson, one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA.

    Hi! My name is Victoria Caruso ('21). I was born and raised in Long Island, NY. I am currently undecided on my concentration, but I have an interest in Psychology and Public Policy. Regardless of my decided concentration, I hope to go into a field that will allow me to help others and do social change work. Currently, I'm assisting a professor in the Policy Department with research regarding inequalities in metropolitan areas. I'm also a part of Brown's Figure Skating Club, Alpha Chi Omega, and I also love to sing. I'm really excited to be in PSP because of all of the opportunities and resources it has given me to pursue research and my interests at Brown.

  • Georgeara Castañeda

    Research Interests Undecided
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: I had two geese as pets.

    Hi! My name is Georgeara Castañeda. I’m a first-generation and low-income student born and raised in Laredo, Texas. I’m undecided but considering Religious Studies as a concentration. An amazing FYS (Christmas in America) left me extremely interested in the Religious Studies fields, enough that I’m taking another religious studies course this semester. The intersection between STEM and SSH is one of the many reasons I enjoy PSP. Apart from academics, I am part of Mariachi de Brown as one of their officers. Next year, I will be an MPC in W. Andrews. I’m immensely blessed to be part of PSP and cannot wait to meet the second cohort.

  • William Charron

    William Charron

    Research Interests Education Studies, English
    Program SSH

    Hey, my name is William ('21, probably). I was born and raised in Rhode Island, grew up right outside of Providence (so if you need help getting around feel free to ask!). I'm taking a lot of Education classes right now, and I think I want to concentrate in education to teach either high school English or elementary school. Outside of school, I love playing video games (big fan of Overwatch and Super Smash Bros. right now) and watching football (Patriots fan by birth but truth be told I just love the sport regardless of the teams). PSP has been pretty great this past year, and I'm looking forward to having new folks be a part of the group. 

  • Jenna Chu

    Jenna Chu

    Research Interests Electrical Engineering​
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: My spirit animal is an otter- extraverted, fun to talk to, and enthusiastic!

    I am from Orange County, California. I am planning on concentrating in Electrical Engineering. I originally came to Brown with an intention of studying Chemical Engineering, and my indecisive nature has caused me to consider many others! I grew up loving the outdoors and am passionate about finding a career that will better the environment. I love PSP because it gives me an opportunity to meet peers in an academic, yet also friendly environment.

  • Angelica Chiamaka M. Chukwudebe

    Angelica Chukwudebe

    Research Interests Biotechnology, Marine Biology, Evolutionary Biology
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: I am a dork who loves the moon, anime, Marvel, and owls.

    Hi! My name is Angelica Chukwudebe, and I was born and raised in the Bay Area of California. I am currently studying Biology, and I also plan on pursuing a Master's degree as well as a Ph.D. in biotechnology. I have always been interested in anything having to do with science-fiction, so I decided I would try to bring some of the extraordinary things I saw in my favorite movies and books into this world. I am so excited to be a part of PSP because I truly believe they want me to succeed. Not to mention, everyone in the group is truly amazing, and I just know you guys are gonna love it here!

  • Sage Cowit

    Sage Cowit

    Research Interests Ecology, Evolutionary Biology ​
    Program SSH

    Fun fact:  I think cats are so beautiful and cute.

    I'm from upstate NY, and I like to run and make jewelry. I'm part of Effective Altruism and Swing Dance clubs. I'm interested in ecology and evolutionary biology because I love animals and want to help improve their lives! I love being outside.

  • Jacob DiSpirito

    Jacob DiSpirito

    Research Interests Computer Science
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: I was in my high school's award-winning Chamber Choir as well as my school's almost 200 member Concert Choir, and I was able to perform with them in places like Carnegie Hall in New York City and Walt Disney World.

    Hello, my name is Jacob DiSpirito, and I am from North Smithfield, RI, where I have lived all of my life. At Brown, I am planning on concentrating in Computer Science, but I did not begin with this concentration. Through the Open Curriculum, I was able to discover what CS really entailed, and this led me to discover an interest in the subject, which I had never been able to study before. Outside of classes, I like to watch sports, movies, binge new tv shows and spend time with friends, among many other things. The best part of  PSP has been being able to collaborate with others for our classes and work through difficult problems as well as being able to become friends with a great group of people.

  • Aidan Forster

    Aidan Forster

    Research Interests Literary Arts/Public Health  
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: I earned a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do when I was 11.

    Hi! My name is Aidan Forster, and I’m from Greenville, South Carolina. I plan to concentrate in Literary Arts and Gender & Sexuality Studies. I’m interested in Southern queerness in poetic forms and queering the vertex of somatic language and digital realities. I’m excited to engage with a vibrant academic community as a member of PSP. I’m a 2018 U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts, and my creative work appears in Best New Poets 2017, Columbia Poetry Review, Indiana Review, and Tin House, among others. My debut chapbook of poems, Exit Pastoral, is forthcoming from YesYes Books in 2018. 

  • Bernadette Hicks

    Bernadette Hicks

    Research Interests Economics & Public Policy
    Program SSH

    Fun facts: I used to have pet ducks.

    Hi! My name is Bernadette Hicks. I was born in Levittown, Pennsylvania, but have spent the past six years in Saint Mary’s, Georgia. I am currently undecided on my concentration, but I am interested in social sciences like economics, public policy, and education. I currently am working in the economics department as a research assistant thanks to the Presidential Scholars Program! I enjoy exploring new places, seeing live music or shows, binge-watching TV shows, and spending time with friends. I really enjoy the sense of community and mentorship that the PSP offers. I am excited to welcome our new cohort! 

  • Amanda Hinh

    Amanda Hinh

    Research Interests Climate Change's Effects on Indigenous People
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: I have waited 12+ hours in Times Square on New Year's Eve on two separate occasions.

    I was born in Brooklyn but raised in San Diego. My intended concentration is environmental science on the inequality track because I’m passionate about nature and social justice, but I'm also greatly interested in astrophysics due to my fascination with space and love for mathematics. In addition to those fields, I enjoy learning Spanish and about different cultures. I like to play tennis, hike, travel, and go to concerts as well as be involved with education programs for underprivileged youth in my free time. I’m excited to partake in PSP and can't wait to see where it takes us.

  • Muram Ibrahim

    Muram Ibrahim

    Research Interests Undecided
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: I love EXO which is a KPOP music group.

    Hello, my name is Muram Ibrahim, and I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.  My parents were born in Sudan. I am majoring in International Relations because I have always been interested in the connections we make around the world and the way we as people change each other. I am excited for the opportunities offered through PSP and the people I will meet in the program. My hobbies are listening to Kpop, reading, binge-watching shows, and discovering new things. I cannot wait to attend Brown and be a part of PSP.

  • Maliha Islam

    Maliha Islam

    Research Interests Impact of Technology on Society & Creative Arts​
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: I watched Phantom of the Opera on Broadway in the front row for $7, and it was amazing!

    My name is Maliha Islam. I was born and raised in Queens, New York. I am undecided in my concentration, but I am considering computer science, music, or modern culture and media as possible concentrations. I want to be able to immerse myself in a field where I can start large-scale projects and create something. Outside of my education, I play music. I mainly sing, but I have tried to pick up the ukulele, piano, and guitar; none of which I can actually play yet. I am honored to be a part of PSP.

  • Tere I. Islas

    Research Interests Social Injustice, Inequality in Education
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: I have climbed to the top of both the pyramids of the Moon and Sun in Teotihuacán, México.

    My name is Tere Islas ('21). I was born and raised in Chicago, IL, but I often visit México, the homeland of my parents. My intended concentration is Education and Public Policy. I am interested in learning about education policies that directly affect low-income communities. I want to have a better understanding of the root of the obstacles underrepresented students in Chicago face. Apart from being a Presidential Scholar in the SSH cohort, I am also a part of MEChA's E-Board, and I volunteer for various organizations through the Swearer Center. In my free time, I love to go biking and admire Providence's beautiful scenery. I am also a fan of Mexican soap operas, and I am always excited to eat food from different cultures. As a PSP scholar, I have a supportive community that helps me explore my interest in research while advising me through challenges that I face as a first-generation student. I am so excited for the new cohort and the great opportunities they'll experience!

  • Benjamin Ma

    Benjamin Ma

    Research Interests Reproductive Biology and Fertilization of Sea Stars and Sea Urchins ​
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: I can't wink, whistle, or blow bubble gum like the cool kidz.

    Hello! My name is Benjamin Ma, and I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I am half Chinese and half Vietnamese, but can only speak Viet which is also my native language. My intended concentration is applied mathematics possibly under the economics track. However, I may double concentrate in environmental science! In the summer of 2017, I was able to research at Rice University, studying the effects of speciation and migration patterns concerning external disruptions such as ecological cascading and climate change. I am very fascinated with the many ways we can help deter adverse impact. Aside from academics, I enjoy running, biking, hiking and being anywhere outdoors as much as I'm allowed. In high school, I was a huge band nerd (and still am), so I love all things stage performance, DCI, and WGI. I am into good health and plant-based cuisine and was a vegan for nearly two years. I'm so excited to meet new people and explore Providence in these next four years!

  • Alejandro Mahomar

    Alejandro Mahomar

    Research Interests Engineering
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: I can eat cereal while riding a rip stick.

    Hello, my name is Alejandro Mahomar (‘23). I was born in Boston but raised in Honduras. I am pursuing electrical engineering since it is an area that I have had exposure to throughout all my life. After exploring the engineering classes at Brown I have discovered that there is nothing else I would rather be studying. My hobbies include walking around campus and googling random facts. I am glad to be a part of PSP along with an amazing group of people.

  • Jon Mallen

    Jon Mallen

    Research Interests Actinobacteriophage Discovery and Characterization​
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: If you're wondering why we need more students and professionals in the field of organic chemistry, there are about 100,000 known inorganic compounds, but this number pales in comparison to the approximate number of known organic compounds: 15 million. 

    Hello, my name is Jon Mallen ('22). I was born in Santa Monica and raised in Redondo Beach, CA. I plan to study chemistry with interest in biochemistry as well as physical chemistry in my time here at Brown. Of particular interest in biochemistry are phages as well as the effect of exterior physical and chemical agents in protein expression. In physical chemistry, one of the latest projects I worked on is an unusual method of coupling exergonic and endergonic processes as a means to separate impure metallic mixtures instead of using a high magnitude heating processes. Apart from my study of chemistry, my work as the Opinion Editor on our nationally acclaimed high school newspaper has given me a great interest in perfecting the presentation of news, opinions, and ideas. Beyond all that, in my free time I enjoy lifting weights, fishing, boating, paddling, playing tennis, going on road trips with my best friends, and eating great food wherever I can find it. I am thrilled to be a part of PSP and excited to meet new people who are just like me in their love and skill for STEM. Most importantly, I am excited about the various perspectives and personal experiences that we will all bring to the table. 

  • Alexandra Mercedes-Santos

    Alexandra Mercedes-Santos

    Research Interests Undecided
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: I want to travel the world someday.

    Hi! My name is Alexandra Mercedes-Santos, and I was born in Puerto Rico. I grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania; which is a hidden gem.  My intended concentration in Computer Science because I like to program and I hope to enhance and develop my skill. I am excited to join the Presidential Scholars Program because of the opportunities I will have meeting everyone and learning from them. I love to cook, play video games and watch animated movies.

  • Revanna Navarro

    Revanna Navarro

    Program STEM

    Fun fact: I worked in animal rescue with rabbits and cats when I was younger.

    Revanna Navarro is a recent Brown graduate and Presidential Scholars Alumna. During her time at Brown she took advantage of the open curriculum to explore the humanities and sciences before majoring in Biology. The PSP program supported her in research throughout her years at Brown, including a summer internship at USC Keck Medical School and 3 years in the Diane Hoffman-Kim lab at Brown, where she completed an honors thesis focused on morphologically modeling toxicant exposure in novel 3D mini-brain models. She currently serves as the PSP fellow while preparing for medical school applications.


  • Samantha Ouertani

    Samantha Ouertani

    Research Interests Impact of Rising Sea Level on Coastal Infrastructure​
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: When I was 10, I went white water rafting down the Colorado River.  

    My name is Samantha Ouertani, and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I intend on concentrating in Environmental Engineering because I love math and want to develop solutions that can address important environmental issues. In Miami, I love to kayak and bike ride. I love film photography, and when I was younger, I often danced.  I still love to do it and watch videos of professional dancers. I'm excited about the weekly meetings and guest speakers and to be a part of such a close-knit group that encourages students to be outstanding in our work.

  • Caelyn Pender

    Caelyn Pender

    Research Interests Literary Arts
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: I was in Italian Vogue when I was eight!

    My name is Caelyn, and I am an English and Political Science concentrator passionate about reading and writing. I am very interested in pursuing journalism, and I spend much of my time working for the Brown Daily Herald. My interests in writing and research lead me to explore many different fields, and I have worked with professors on projects in history, political science, and MCM. When I am not studying, you can find me reading, doing yoga, or watching a period piece on Netflix. I love being a part of PSP because of the opportunities it gives me to meet amazing people and work on research!

  • Emilia Peters

    Emilia Peters

    Research Interests Visual Art
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: My dad accidentally bred 23 Brazilian rainbow boas in our basement last year.

    Hi! My name is Emilia Peters, and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Currently, my intended concentration is VISA or Modern Culture and Media through which I hope to explore the intersection of visual arts, communications, psychology, and social innovation. I am especially interested in researching the utilization of art to distill and communicate complex concepts to broad audiences. My hobbies include listening to ABBA with friends, painting murals, binge-watching TV shows, and color coordinating random objects. I feel incredibly grateful for all of the friends, resources, and opportunities I have gained through PSP!

    My freshman year, I worked with my VISA professor Ayana Evans to create proposals and marketing for her professional performance art. I created photoshopped mockups of her intended projects and flyers to advertise her work. This experience helped prepare me to work with artists in the future by showing me how to collaborate effectively on artistic endeavors. It also prepared me for my current job in graphic design by allowing me to practice strategies for working and communicating with clients to effectively realize their vision.

  • Keith Richie

    Keith Richie

    Research Interests Mathematics-Computer Science
    Program STEM

    Fun fact:  My middle school class had only 10 students.

    I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Before coming to Brown, I spent some time at a Quaker school in Philadelphia and I credit my experience there for fostering my intellectual curiosity and showing me the value of fearless inquiry. I first realized that Mathematics was something I could pursue seriously at the university level during my pre-calculus course in 10th grade and since then, I've worked in research in high energy physics, combinatorics, and dynamical systems. Pedagogy is incredibly important to me and at Brown, I've TAed courses in the Mathematics and Computer Science departments.

  • Tamara Rudic

    Tamara Rudic

    Research Interests Climate, Ecology & Conservation
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: I'm on my way to becoming America's next great figure skater (maybe).

    Hi! My name is Tamara Rudic ('21) and I am from Frankfort, Kentucky. I am currently undecided for my concentration, but I am planning on studying geophysics, geobiology, or environmental science. I am very passionate about the environment and love learning about space. Outside of my academic interests, I enjoy cinema, soccer, painting, and travel; I have been to Canada and Europe, and someday I would love to visit all the continents. PSP has introduced me to many fantastic people who have helped shaped my college path so far, and I'm very excited to meet the new cohort!

  • Lucas A. Sanchez

    Lucas Sanchez

    Research Interests Chemistry
    Program STEM

    Hi, my name is Lucas Sanchez. I was born in Southern California, and have grown up both there and in Indiana. I am currently studying Chemistry.  I am interested in it as a science and for its applications to the environment. Outside of academics, I play clarinet and melodica in Brown's Marching Band. I am excited to be a part of PSP as it has helped introduce me to many of my current friends, and gives me an opportunity to interact with more experienced people, such as grad students, post docs, and professors.

  • Samantha Schaab-Rozbicki

    Samantha Schaab-Rozbicki

    Research Interests Political Science, Health and Human Biology
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: I can speak with a VERY convincing British accent.

    I’m from Buffalo, NY, and I love to sing, act, and experiment with makeup. I am extremely passionate about health access and equity in both the global and domestic spheres, and how public policy shapes health outcomes. As a result, I have chosen to study Political Science and Health & Human Biology at Brown in order to understand the interaction between governance and health, as well as how policies drafted and enacted at a distance have real consequences on the quality of people's lives.

  • Rachel Souza

    Rachel Souza

    Research Interests Environmental Science/Ecology
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: I know all of the words to Ice Ice Baby.

    Hello! My name is Rachel Souza, and I was born and raised in Sandwich, Massachusetts. I am currently intending on studying Environmental Science and Computer Science at Brown. I'm very interested in the interaction between human values and the decisions that we make regarding the environment. Outside of PSP, I spend 50% of my time in the CIT, but I also write for the Critical Review and do theater. I'm grateful to have the PSP as a catalyst in my exploration of academic interests, as well as a space to find support from other students and faculty.

  • Tina Tan

    Tina Tan

    Research Interests Psychology and Public Health
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: My favorite class at Brown so far has been BIOL190E: Botany and Early Medicine (FYS), in fact, I'm thinking about continuing doing work in Botany because of it!

    Hey! I'm Tina Tan ('21), and I'm from sunny Los Angeles, California! Like most Freshmen, I'm not entirely sure about my program concentrate yet. Nevertheless, I'm interested in behavior, so I'm considering Psychology, Behavioral Decision Sciences, and Economics. When I'm not trying to navigate academics, you can find me unashamedly playing Tetris, watching The Office, or oversharing with my friends. I'm incredibly grateful that I've been given the opportunity to be a member of this program and I'm excited to meet the Class of '22 cohort! If anyone has any questions regarding PSP/Brown, or if you just want to chat, feel free to reach out to me!

  • Veronica Tucker

    Veronica Tucker

    Research Interests Philosophy, Literary Arts
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: I am the most unlucky person I've ever met.

    Hi! My name is Veronica Tucker, and I am a lesbian artist and aspiring philosopher from Dallas, TX! I am interested in the ways in which people confront the so-called "fundamental question": Why? My musings have led me to pursue concentrations in both philosophy and religious studies, focusing on the intersection points between these two fields and various others -- physics, history, sociology, etc. When I am not studying, I really enjoy watching movies, reading, and cooking! I have also been a dancer for over a decade now, and I hope to continue dancing once I get back to campus!

    I am so grateful for the continued opportunity to learn from my peers and faculty members through PSP.

  • Mauricio Velazquez Rodriguez

    Mauricio Velazquez Rodriguez

    Research Interests Mechanical Engineering
    Program STEM

    Fun fact: My favorite superhero is Batman

    I was born in Mexico, and I moved to the United States when I was 13 years old. Since a very young age,  I had an interest in machinery of every kind, including cars and planes. I’ve always wanted to create something of that sort, so I want to concentrate in mechanical engineering. I’m particularly excited about PSP because I like the idea of being a part of a group. I take pride in the relationships that I can build, and I believe PSP can give me just that and possibly even more.

  • Anthony Walley

    Anthony Walley

    Research Interests Degenerative Brain Diseases
    Program STEM

    Hello! My name is Anthony Walley ('20). I was born and raised in Worcester MA. I am currently studying Neuroscience at Brown University. I am interested in studying degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer's disease and ALS. I am a member of the STEM side of PSP and the only sophomore member. Outside of the classroom, I am a member of Brown's oldest improv group, Improvidence. I am also a recruit for Brown's Emergency Medical Service. I'm very happy to be a part of PSP and look forward to passing on advice and knowledge to future members.

  • Miru Yang

    Miru Yang

    Research Interests Decision Making Psychology
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: After building a PC over the summer, I've gotten into computer parts and their peripherals.  

    Hello, my name is Miru Yang ('22). I was born in Los Angeles and lived there for the first 14 years of my life. Then I went to boarding school in rural Massachusetts, where I learned to adjust to the countryside and cold winters. Although I still haven't picked a concentration, I'm interested in psychology, creative writing, computer science, and digital design. When I'm not spending too much time on my computer, I like to play ultimate frisbee or go mountain biking. I hope that PSP will help me narrow and dive deep into my various interests.

  • Shady Yassin

    Shady Yassin

    Research Interests Decision Making Economics​
    Program SSH

    Fun fact: On numerous occasions, I've had dreams about differential equations.

    Hey! My name is Shady Yassin ('22). I was born to Sudanese parents in New Jersey but grew up in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I am ecstatic to be a part of this program! My interests lie in the intersection between Economics and Political Philosophy, specifically how the works of different philosophers are interpreted and used to govern the society we live in today, from both a moral and economic standpoint. I struggle to pinpoint why I'm interested in this area of study; I just find it fascinating! My hobbies include listening to music, ice skating, and my favorite of all is talking and meeting new people!

  • In Seo Yoon

    In Seo Yoon

    Research Interests Biology
    Program STEM

    Fun fact:  I'm nearly undefeated in Just Dance and once knew several choreographies by heart including dances for Boogie Wonderland and Never Gonna Give You Up

    I was born in Korea but have spent most of my life in the Midwest. I am currently interested in double concentrating in Biology and Visual Arts. My high school experience with STEM drove me towards the sciences; life science was especially intriguing to me due to my love of the outdoors. Thanks to my parents, the likes of Yellowstone and Isle Royale were like second homes to me growing up. I have also always enjoyed art - particularly drawing - and have been self taught until coming to Brown; I wanted to learn about art more formally which led me to want to pursue Visual Arts as a concentration. Aside from drawing, I also enjoy playing ice hockey, am a member of GAMMA, love playing card games, and playing League.