Presidential Scholars Program

Logan Torres

Research Interests Environmental Science, Political Science
Program SSH / STEM


Fun fact:  My middle name is chaos, and I love seaweed and Taco Bell!

I was born in Illinois but lived in Wisconsin for the past 10 years. I love to play tennis, hike, watch TV and movies, do crosswords and puzzles, and am generally interested in learning new hobbies. Regarding my future career, I am interested in the intersection of environmental science and law, and would like to become an environmental lawyer.

I did a summer practicum with Professor Tyler Kartzinel and my time was spent on editing and constructing a plant library for Yellowstone. I became much more familiar with excel and word. Now, I have transitioned this into an independent research project where I am learning how analyze previously existing data using programming and DNA sequencing. My new endeavor will be with Professor Amanda Lynch. I will be assisting on a project regarding Greenland's emancipation movement and the environmental impacts surrounding that.