Presidential Scholars Program

In Seo Yoon

Research Interests Biology
Program STEM


Fun fact:  I'm nearly undefeated in Just Dance and once knew several choreographies by heart including dances for Boogie Wonderland and Never Gonna Give You Up

I was born in Korea but have spent most of my life in the Midwest. I am currently interested in double concentrating in Biology and Visual Arts. My high school experience with STEM drove me towards the sciences; life science was especially intriguing to me due to my love of the outdoors. Thanks to my parents, the likes of Yellowstone and Isle Royale were like second homes to me growing up. I have also always enjoyed art - particularly drawing - and have been self taught until coming to Brown; I wanted to learn about art more formally which led me to want to pursue Visual Arts as a concentration. Aside from drawing, I also enjoy playing ice hockey, am a member of GAMMA, love playing card games, and playing League.