Presidential Scholars Program

Yuliya Velhan

Research Interests Public Health
Program STEM


Fun fact:  I recently got a new kitten!

Hi! My name is Yuliya Velhan, and I was born in western Ukraine, and to Michigan in middle school. I am concentrating in Public Health and am a part of the 5-year UG/MPH Program! I have always been interested in learning what factors affect our health and the ways determinants of health can be addressed to yield better outcomes. I am also very interested in infectious disease ,biosafety, biosecurity and how those can be addressed on national and international levels. I am excited to be a part of PSP because of the supportive community it provides and the amazing people I get to meet! 


This past summer, I had the opportunity with work with the Pandemic Center at Brown’s School of Public Health. I had the chance to learn about and work on multiple projects at the Pandemic Center, some of which included writing an Action Guide in collaboration with the Nuclear Threat Initiative(NTI) and working on a project focusing on American Democracy and Pandemic Security. While working on the NTI Action Guide, I learned a lot about regional biosafety and biosecurity methods and how they be implemented effectively. As I am continuing to work with the Pandemic Center, I am continuing to learn about the ways that our pandemic response could be improved.