Presidential Scholars Program

Emilia Peters

Research Interests Visual Art
Program SSH


Fun fact: My dad accidentally bred 23 Brazilian rainbow boas in our basement last year.

Hi! My name is Emilia Peters, and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Currently, my intended concentration is VISA or Modern Culture and Media through which I hope to explore the intersection of visual arts, communications, psychology, and social innovation. I am especially interested in researching the utilization of art to distill and communicate complex concepts to broad audiences. My hobbies include listening to ABBA with friends, painting murals, binge-watching TV shows, and color coordinating random objects. I feel incredibly grateful for all of the friends, resources, and opportunities I have gained through PSP!

My freshman year, I worked with my VISA professor Ayana Evans to create proposals and marketing for her professional performance art. I created photoshopped mockups of her intended projects and flyers to advertise her work. This experience helped prepare me to work with artists in the future by showing me how to collaborate effectively on artistic endeavors. It also prepared me for my current job in graphic design by allowing me to practice strategies for working and communicating with clients to effectively realize their vision.