Presidential Scholars Program

Jacob DiSpirito

Research Interests Computer Science
Program STEM


Fun fact: I was in my high school's award-winning Chamber Choir as well as my school's almost 200 member Concert Choir, and I was able to perform with them in places like Carnegie Hall in New York City and Walt Disney World.

Hello, my name is Jacob DiSpirito, and I am from North Smithfield, RI, where I have lived all of my life. At Brown, I am planning on concentrating in Computer Science, but I did not begin with this concentration. Through the Open Curriculum, I was able to discover what CS really entailed, and this led me to discover an interest in the subject, which I had never been able to study before. Outside of classes, I like to watch sports, movies, binge new tv shows and spend time with friends, among many other things. The best part of  PSP has been being able to collaborate with others for our classes and work through difficult problems as well as being able to become friends with a great group of people.