Presidential Scholars Program

Alexa Vasquez

Research Interests Health and Human Biology


Fun Fact: I enjoy collecting intricate jewelry, specifically earrings and necklaces, because I believe it is another form of art that I can experiment with.

I was raised in La Quinta, California during the school year. However, during summer breaks I would also be raised by the culture in Guadalajara and Colotlán, Jalisco, Mexico. This way I would embrace the two worlds from which I am from. Due to this I also tended to have a fascination of mythologies of different cultures to get a sneak peak into the values and beliefs and be able to become a storyteller. As a storyteller I enjoy spreading my fascination about these legends through art. I am interested in Health and Human Biology because I realized I enjoyed genetics and immunology. I wish to help advance the research of stem cells, snRNPs, reduce genetic disorders or find a way to help understand autoimmune diseases and find better treatments. At PSP, I am able to be in an environment that encourages to pursue our passions in the research industry. I not only have fellow peers that understand my goals in life, but as well as the resources to achieve my targets in life.