Presidential Scholars Program

Elise Togneri

Research Interests Applied Math, Biology
Program STEM


Fun fact:  My favorite author is Haruki Murakami and a lifetime goal is to read all of his books.

Hi everyone! I'm Elise Togneri from central Massachusetts. I am a huge Kpop (specifically BTS) fan and currently the co-communications chair for Daebak - Brown and RISD’s Kpop cover dance team. I'm planning to concentrate in APMA-Bio, but I enjoy taking a variety of classes including archaeology, TAPS, and language courses. It is exciting to be a part of PSP as it gives me the opportunity to apply my learning in a real-world environment.

Last semester, I worked with Professor Anarina Murillo and she helped me learn about many different modeling techniques such as SIR models, predator-prey models, Leslie and Usher models, etc to model populations. I then did a small literature review of scientific articles that used these models. I combined all I learned to make models of my own to model elephant populations in different environmental conditions such as drought, or high food availability.