Presidential Scholars Program

Bailey Phoenix

Research Interests Architecture
Program SSH


Fun fact: I almost exclusively wear boots and have been collecting pairs since middle school

My name is Bailey Phoenix, and I was born and raised in San Jose, California. One of my intended concentrations is architecture, as I loved building the sets in my high school theater and have always thought designing my own work. I also consider myself a poet and am looking into literary arts as an alternative. I'm eager for the opportunities I will have and the connections I'll make with everyone in PSP. Outside of class and PSP I enjoy all things theater tech, and I also love to sing, dance, write poetry, and have late-night conversations until 3 am with my friends.

This past summer, I worked with art curator Kate Kraczon and the Bell Art Gallery. This year marked the gallery's 50th anniversary, so as part of a "revival" project I was helping to reorganize and archive each of the many exhibits throughout the gallery's history. I had my own office in List Art and would go through each exhibit's files to document its information for the Bell's website revival. This research gave me an in-depth look at all of the nuances that go on in the art world–I don't know why I assumed the visual arts would be different than the performing arts but it makes sense that both require a LOT of coordination and attention to detail. Plus, I got to see a lot of really cool and interesting art!