Presidential Scholars Program

Jon Mallen

Research Interests Actinobacteriophage Discovery and Characterization​
Program STEM


Fun fact: If you're wondering why we need more students and professionals in the field of organic chemistry, there are about 100,000 known inorganic compounds, but this number pales in comparison to the approximate number of known organic compounds: 15 million. 

Hello, my name is Jon Mallen ('22). I was born in Santa Monica and raised in Redondo Beach, CA. I plan to study chemistry with interest in biochemistry as well as physical chemistry in my time here at Brown. Of particular interest in biochemistry are phages as well as the effect of exterior physical and chemical agents in protein expression. In physical chemistry, one of the latest projects I worked on is an unusual method of coupling exergonic and endergonic processes as a means to separate impure metallic mixtures instead of using a high magnitude heating processes. Apart from my study of chemistry, my work as the Opinion Editor on our nationally acclaimed high school newspaper has given me a great interest in perfecting the presentation of news, opinions, and ideas. Beyond all that, in my free time I enjoy lifting weights, fishing, boating, paddling, playing tennis, going on road trips with my best friends, and eating great food wherever I can find it. I am thrilled to be a part of PSP and excited to meet new people who are just like me in their love and skill for STEM. Most importantly, I am excited about the various perspectives and personal experiences that we will all bring to the table.