Presidential Scholars Program

Kaitlan Bui

Research Interests The relationship between Property, Literature, Culture, & Law​
Program SSH


Fun fact: I once had the same dream as my cousin on the same night.

Hello! My name is Kaitlan Bui, and I was born and raised in Southern California. I plan to major in English-- words have been my home ever since I was very young. In elementary school, I'd sometimes stay inside during recess to write stories. I also remember writing my first poem on a large piece of cardboard. While I do have a collection of poems that I'm still expanding, I hope to publish a novel someday. Besides school and books, I enjoy photography, hiking, and art. I'm extremely excited to start my journey at Brown with the Presidential Scholars Program. I can't wait to meet new friends and learn from my mentors and peers. I've always enjoyed learning, and I'm eager to approach it deeply and differently through research.