Presidential Scholars Program

Nhu Tran

Research Interests Computational Biology
Program STEM


Fun fact:  Despite being extremely allergic to furry animals, I volunteer at an animal shelter back home in Houston.

Howdy! My name is Nhu, and I am from Houston, Texas. I am currently pursuing the Computational Biology concentration and the pre-med track. I’d like to explore the intersection between scientific research, healthcare, and social equity, and I am particularly drawn to how genetic engineering using CRISPR technology can one day lead to more efficient and accessible medical therapies for all—medical therapies which, as a future medical practitioner, I will be able to administer to the very marginalized communities that I care about. Outside of academic pursuits, I enjoy playing classical music on the harp, photographing the people and places I love, and trying to find the best boba tea shop in New England.