Presidential Scholars Program

Isaac Melvin

Research Interests Theoretical Physics and Genetics


Fun Fact: I have a seven-year habit of replacing filler words like “um” with “corn” or “bleach.”

I was born in Monterrey Mexico and moved to the US when I was young. When I was five, my mother bought me DVDs about the universe, and so, I have always loved physics. It is my passion and a part of my identity because of my curiosity for unanswered questions. I intend to study theoretical physics and also genetics as a second concentration to branch into biology and chemistry. For my hobbies, I love simply reading anime, manga, and light novels, as well as physical exercise, hanging with friends, and going to conventions. In the PSP, I want to cultivate my skills for research opportunities, internships, and further make myself a well-rounded individual in a variety of communities.